About Me

Hi there! I’m Dr. Akshita Bahuguna, Founder of FutureIcons. I’m an Edupreneur, career coach, mentor, and author, empowering self-reliance.

I am Dr. Akshita Bahuguna, Founder of FutureIcons. With a strong passion for education, training, and personal growth, I have dedicated myself to empowering individuals and organizations. As an Edupreneur, I wear many hats - teacher, career coach, mentor, start-up coach, author, educationist, researcher, and social activist.

Having spoken to thousands of people through presentations, seminars, and webinars across India, I have influenced the lives of over one lakh young individuals. My mission is to bring entrepreneurship into education and educate every entrepreneur, which led me to establish Unbox Entrepreneurship. Through this platform, I guide aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their goals quickly and effortlessly.
With a background in math education and years of mentoring experience, I have helped countless students pave their career paths successfully. As an author, I have written research papers, articles, and co-authored two books on career coaching. My latest book focuses on self-reliance.

Being an educator, I worked with Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, the former education minister, as his personal advisor during the launch of the National Education Policy 2020. As a social activist, I actively participate in initiatives to educate marginalized sectors, particularly women and children.

Over the years, I have traveled extensively, delivering training sessions in more than 500 schools and universities across 24 states in India. I have served as a visiting faculty in two universities, held the position of Director in one school, and worked as a start-up trainer in FIED, IIM Kashipur, Uttarakhand.

My ultimate goal is to create self-reliant individuals who can thrive in their personal and professional lives. Through my dynamic presentations and workshops on Self Reliance, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership, , I help individuals unleash their potential and make lasting positive changes.

Connect with me to embark on a transformative journey towards self-reliance and unleash your true potential. Together, let's make a difference in your life and the lives of others.