Empowering Nano Startups: Weaving Beads and Threads of Entrepreneurial Success

Nano Startups

Starting a nano startups was a dream I never thought I’d realize. I’m not a business school graduate, and I’m no entrepreneur by birth. My formal education had nothing to do with entrepreneurship. But when I look back at my journey, I realize that there’s one critical factor that made it all happen – the “Beads.”

The Beads for Nano Entrepreneurship

Building a nano startup isn’t just about having a cool idea or some business skills. It’s about gathering the right beads to string together and, most importantly, connecting them with a strong thread.

My Moment of Truth – Trust and Deceit

Back in the day, I decided to start a small company. It was like giving birth to my identity as an entrepreneur. But I had to make sure everything was legally sound and well-audited. So, I trusted a Chartered Accountant (CA) to take care of the auditing and the paperwork, like filing forms with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

But then, something unthinkable happened. My trusted CA turned out to be not so trustworthy. They cheated me by selling my company without my knowledge or consent. It felt like losing not just a business but a part of my identity.

Learning to Test Before Trust

That painful experience taught me a valuable lesson – the difference between a good profession and a good professional. You see, not everyone in a profession is trustworthy or reliable. It’s not enough to rely on someone’s title or credentials; you have to test before you trust.


Now, let’s break down the beads that aspiring entrepreneurs need for nano startups


  1. Idea Bead: Every startup begins with an idea. It’s like the spark that ignites the fire. But remember, it’s just a bead; the thread is what turns it into reality.
  2. Skill Bead: You need to have some skills related to your business, but these are just beads. They’re valuable, but they need the thread of experience and continuous learning to shine.
  3. Legal Bead: This bead is crucial, just like auditing and paperwork were for me. You need to ensure your business is on the right side of the law. However, never forget the thread of due diligence, which means verifying the professionals you entrust with legal matters.
  4. Financial Bead: Money matters in business. It’s a bead that you must have. But the thread that connects it is financial management – understanding where every cent goes.
  5. Market Bead: Understanding your target market and customers is another bead. But it needs the thread of market research and adaptability to thrive.
  6. Networking Bead: Building connections is vital. But it’s just a bead. The thread that ties it all together is how you nurture and maintain those relationships
  7. Resilience Bead: Entrepreneurship isn’t always smooth sailing. You’ll face challenges and setbacks. Resilience is the thread that keeps you going.

    The Thread That Connects

Now, let’s talk about the thread that connects these beads with nano startups . It’s not just about having these elements; it’s about having a reason why you’re doing this. In my case, it was the pain of betrayal that became my thread.

But my thread goes even further. It’s a burning desire to help all those who, like me, never had the support to convert their ideas into thriving businesses. I want to provide them with not just the beads but also the thread of the right texture to connect them. Research suggests that many startups are founded by individuals from non-business backgrounds and often lack support from their educational institutions. They need proper education and skills.

That’s why I started an internship program in entrepreneurship. My thread is to empower these budding entrepreneurs with knowledge, skills, and a network of support, so they can transform their ideas into successful businesses. It’s a thread woven with the purpose of making entrepreneurship accessible to all, regardless of their background or prior support.

So, if you’re starting a nano startups or thinking about it, remember, it’s not just about having the beads – the idea, skills, legalities, money, market, connections, and resilience. It’s about finding that thread that connects them all, and it often comes from your own unique experiences and motivations, just like mine.

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